Termékek mintákkal és információkkal a felhasznált anyagokról és a gyártási technológiákról


Gyártási technológiák termékmintákkal és információkkal a felhasznált anyagokról


Felhasznált anyagok termékmintákkal és információkkal a gyártási technológiákról


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Milkmetering membrane

ZORGE produces an LSR membrane for a producer of milking control systems for livestock and dairy farming (Nedap Livestock Management). This membrane is used in a milk metering system (Smartflow) that measures and monitors the milk yield during the milking of cows.

To achieve the best membrane switching behaviour, the geometry of this membrane has been optimized to its final shape by means of LSR prototyping, in close collaboration with the customer.

After the test phase and production of the first pilot series of membranes from the aluminum test mould, the serial mould was further developed and successfully put into use for serial production.

This case demonstrates the advantages that ZORGE can offer in LSR prototyping to implement optimizations from a product design and to produce parts before a series mold is made. This approach also offers major advantages in terms of lead times and the avoidance of risks for scaling up to serial production.

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